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“ Best looking kitchen ever! Thank you guys for all of your hard work."

Peter L.

Kitchen Remodeling Riverside CA

Welcome to Kitchen remodeling Riverside CA! Do you have parts of your kitchen you do not love? We have solutions for you. We can do small kitchen renovations or a large Riverside kitchen remodeling.

We offer many services for you as well. We can do a kitchen installation for your flooring, lighting, sink, faucet, and countertops. We can also update your backsplash and cabinets.

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About Kitchen Remodeling Riverside CA

We are proud to serve our homeowners with the best service, the best kitchen upgrade designs, and the best remodels. We are licensed and bonded. We help to bring our clients comfort by providing you with testimonials of our work we have done.

It is our mission to treat all the jobs we do with care no matter the size of the job it is. We work very closely and united as a team to get your kitchen remodeling done on schedule.

It is our goal for each project to have a very well-tuned plan. We strive for each plan to be very well organized to make the project run well. We offer plans that can open up your kitchen to create a beautiful, large, and inviting kitchen space.

It is our mission to bring you a kitchen that fits your style, and budget. We will work with you and are willing to switch around parts and make it work for both your style and budget. We are flexible and open-minded.

We have the experience that has helped us to have a very keen eye for detail. We have the skills to know how to avoid mishaps. We have the knowledge to avoid problems and how to tackle problems that may occur. You can put your trust in us.

Let’s Get Connected

For many years we have been the company that does the “kitchen remodel near me” our clients have searched for. We have many years of experience. This makes us your experts and the best ones for the job.

Why would you want to choose us over other kitchen remodeling companies?

  • We take care of all the scheduling for you
  • We work with the best suppliers to get your materials
  • Our consultations are free of charge
  • We take the time your kitchen remodel needs
  • We do small kitchens designs
  • We do custom kitchens Riverside Ca

We have so much knowledge about what it takes to do kitchen remodeling Riverside Ca. We fit in all your needs and all your wants within your budget. We help you to define what your goals are. We help you decide what your priorities are with your kitchen remodeling project.

How can you contact us? You can call us today. You can fill out our form. Either way, we will answer, or get back to you as soon as we can to find a time to meet with you for your consultation.

We are the best at being accommodating to your schedule. We know that there is a lot going on and many people have very busy schedules. We work with you, respect your time, and are flexible.

What To Expect?

What is it like to remodel a kitchen? It can be a very long, drawn-out, and stressful process if you are doing it on your own. It can take much longer than needed.

We make this process so much easier, less stressful, and much quicker with our kitchen remodeling contractor Riverside Ca. We first meet with you for your free consultation. What does this include?

Here we will work in a productive and effective way to understand the desires you have for your kitchen. We gain a vision of the kitchen ideas you have and help you with any that you may be stuck with. Together we will come up with a plan for your kitchen renovation Riverside Ca.

We will work with our kitchen designers Riverside Ca to come up with a perfect design for your kitchen. This will have a layout and placement for everything in your kitchen, including the way that we install the backsplash.

We will present your estimate and kitchen design Riverside Ca to you. You will look it over, make sure you understand each part, and sign the contract. If you have questions about the design or your kitchen remodel cost we will explain it all to you and talk it over.


We do not offer only one specific service. We offer six that will all work together to transform your whole kitchen. We redo flooring, cabinets, backsplash, countertops, and lighting. We also redo your sink and faucet to make them better functional and tied into the rest of the kitchen design.


Kitchen Sink And Faucet

We offer three main types of sinks that all come in various colors and sizes. These include under-mounted, top-mounted, and farmhouse-style sinks.

If you choose to get a sink from another source besides us be sure to have it there before we measure for countertops. This will ensure the accuracy and quality of the installation.


Kitchen Backsplash

The most popular choice for backsplash seems to be subway tiles of varying sizes and colors. From your standard white or gray to blue or even black.

Other options include real stone, mosaics, metal, and glass. We are tiling experts and can do any design you like.


Kitchen Cabinets

Our cabinets are top of the line. We have each set custom ordered. They come with an outstanding warranty that varies depending on the design you choose.

Our cabinet doors and bodies are made of real wood, never compressed board, and are sure to last for years to come. We can even custom order to match existing cabinets or doors.


Kitchen Countertops

We offer a wide variety of countertop selections. Quartz, granite, marble, and butcher block are only a few of the choices. Quartz countertops are by far the most popular at the moment.

They look stunning and are very affordable. We do most of our countertop measurements with a laser measuring system. This helps to ensure accuracy and we are usually ten business days from measurement to install date.


Kitchen Flooring

We only offer waterproof flooring options. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. Waterproof floors in the kitchen we can achieve with tile, luxury vinyl, and laminate flooring.

We use only proven brands and guarantee they will last for years to come. We can even install heated tile floors for those more chilly mornings!


Kitchen Lighting

All the electrical work we do by a licensed electrician. Where needed we always get the needed permits and inspections.

We can install any type of lighting you want for your kitchen. Can lights, pendant lights, and even chandeliers.

About Riverside CA

Riverside California is a gorgeous city with a population of 330,000 people. Riverside is where the citrus industry got started in California. We have a sports complex, Fox performing center, and many museums.

One of the attractions you must see is the forty acres of botanical gardens. There are four miles of trails that you can walk through here. It is majestical.

Our summers tend to be both hot and dry. Our winters tend to be wetter. We do experience a lot of smog here and air pollution. We do our best here to reduce pollution.

Cities that are very close to Riverside are:

  • San Bernardino, Ca
  • Fontana, Ca
  • Moreno Valley, Ca
  • Rialto, Ca
  • Colton, Ca
  • Loma Linda, Ca
  • Bloomington, Ca
  • Mira Loma, Ca
  • Grand Terrace, Ca
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we get charged for our first consultation?

No. Your consultations with us are free. Your kitchen renovation cost may be a lot. We know that many people budget for many years for their kitchen renovation. Because of this, we like to help people get the kitchen they want. We know that taking the time with our clients pays off. We do not want you to worry about the price they will have to get an estimate or ideas. That is free.

How long will it take to remodel my kitchen?

Every kitchen remodel takes a different amount of time to complete. Depending on what you would like to remodel it will take a longer or shorter amount of time. Give us a call if you would like a more specific answer for how long your kitchen remodeling will take. We can talk you through what your needs are and how long it looks like it will take.

Do I need to find the materials myself?

No. The “kitchens contractors near me” that you found here do a great job of finding your materials. They can help you choose what materials you want. We have suppliers that we work with to find the best materials. Our kitchen contractors will pick up all the materials so you will not have to worry about any of that.

Can I get material from somewhere if I find it for a better deal?

Yes. If you pick up material that you have found that is a great deal we are happy to do the installation. Many clients find their sink and faucet that they want beforehand. We then do the installation. We are open to working with you on what you find and need.

Customer Testimonials

Our remodeling contractor maximized our budget so great! We were very happy about this as there were so many things we were wanting and was not sure how to make it work. They made it work and stayed within our budget. We love how it turned out!

Annie M.

Kitchen Remodeling Riverside Ca is very accommodating. They fit you in when they can and are very kind when trying to find a time that will work. We have a very busy schedule so it was tricky to find a time but they were so nice while working with us. We appreciated their patience.

Tiffany B.

My ideas of “remodeling contractors near me” I had read about changed after working with these guys. They were very reliable. They made our job their priority, worked hard on it, and got it done without wasting time. We are very impressed with this company and its contractors.

Devon T.

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We are ready to have your kitchen be our next Riverside kitchen remodeling job. We create divine kitchens. Having friends over, playing games, doing work, cooking, and cleaning become much more enjoyable.

We offer durable and lasting products. We use the best materials that look amazing. We give you kitchen remodeling ideas and make your desires come to life.

We remodel not only one part of your kitchen but all. We remodel flooring, lighting, backsplash, countertops, cabinets, and your sink and faucet. Together this makes an unrecognizable kitchen.

Call Kitchen Remodeling Riverside CA today. We will schedule with one of our wonderful kitchen remodeling contractors to come to take a look at your kitchen free of charge.

Kitchen Remodeling Riverside

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